The Church in China is dear to my heart. In the following blogs I seek to share some of the lessons, observations, and hopes that my time in China has generated.

“Pentecostal Theology and the Chinese Church”

“Urban Churches in China: A Pentecostal Case Study”

“Sober Optimism”

“The Seed of the Church and the Modern Missions Movement”

“A Strong Foundation: Pentecostal Revival in Yunnan Province”

See also the following blogs that I wrote under the pen-name, Luke Wesley:

Additional Links

Note the Preface to my book, The Church in China: Persecuted, Pentecostal, and Powerful in a post on the Pneuma Review entitled, “Is the Chinese Church Predominantly Pentecostal?”

Also in the Pneuma Review, see my article, “The Future of the Church in China: Why the House Churches will Prevail.”

Missiology is also dear to my heart.  I do believe that although the basic concept is under assault in the West, Evangelicals and Pentecostals need to push back on these attempts to dimiss our call, diminish the gospel, and reject the task.  I list below two recent publications in Themelios in which I address this and related issues.

Robert Menzies’ recently published article, “A Tale of Two Stories: Amos Yong’s Mission After Pentecost and T’ien Ju-K’ang’s Peaks of Faith,”

Themelios 46.2 (2021): 391-401. See

See also my (written under my pen-name, Luke Wesley), “Church-State Relations: Lessons from China” in Themelios 47.2 (2022).

Robert Menzies also serves as the Director of the Asian Center for Pentecostal Theology.  See the ACPT website at